Would I be mental....?

AS i've mentioned once or twice, OH and I are off on holiday for a week on sat. We're heading back to tenerife which is where we met 10 years ago and where we went on our first hol as a couple 6 years ago so very special to us image

Basically i'm due AF a week on sun, so the day after we get back.... would I be mental to take a test with me to do before we come home? It would just be perfect for us to get our BFP out there, but am i risking ruining a hol??

Opinions welcome image xxx


  • I say take the test and get on hol! Jeez, when you ar pg you won't get chance to go away. I don't think it would ruin th hol, I think it will add a touch of excitement. Imagine if you found out you were pg there.. you could call the baby a Spanish place name lol, where are you staying?!! x
  • I think it depends how upset you'll be if it's a BFN. Does the chance of a BFP in the most perfect place and time outweigh the risk?

    I'm also off on holiday next week and AF is due whilst we're in Italy. It also happens that my AF is due on our 2 year anniversary. It would be sooooo perfect if i get a BFP. But i know i'm going to be devestated if it's a BFN because i've built the idea up in my head. I'm definitely taking a test though. I know i'll have to test that day!
  • Ifyou think you can hold off till near the end of the holiday I say go for it. It would be so lovely to get your BFP there especially when its means so much to you already.
    Lots of luck and have a fab holiday xxx
  • Definitely take a test. Fingers crossed for you! x
  • Id say take one but maybe take it on your very last day of your holiday that way if its a BFP then you will still be in a very special place but if its not then you can look forward to coming home with PMA to keep trying you will also be very relaxed after a nice little break.
    Hope to see you back on here soon with your BFP xx
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