ttc after yasmin pill

Good afternoon all.
I came off Yasmin at the end of feb, had my 'af' beginning of march. I am now over a week late for this months 'af', I have had slight spotting, bloated, metallic taste in my mouth and tired. My partner and I have had sex a few times but he has only gone 'all the way' once. ;\) I have took 3 tests but all negative.
I'm aware that every woman is different and the effects vary but I would appreciate any feedback to your experiences.


  • Hi there

    When I came of Yasmin I had my withdrawel bleed then a period about 30 days later and then my next wasn't until 40 days, so I wouldn't worry too much it will settle down and everyone is different. Mine are now 28/29 days so they went back fairly quickly.

    You might find that some of the symptoms coming off the pill are similar to being pregnant. However, you could have just tested a little too early.

    Good luck

    V xx
  • Hello!
    Thank you so much for your post. I've heard so many horror stories with regards to Yasmin that it's nice to hear a positive!
    Are you ttc?
  • Hi,

    Hope you dont mind me gcing! I came off Yasmin last August after having been on it quite a while...had some weird withdrawl symptoms like terrible skin, really bad headaches and bloatedness. I waited and waited for af to arrive and went to see the docs a couple of times as I was concerned that my body wasnt getting back to normal...but turns out I was actually pregnant and im now 24 weeks image So just wanted to give you a little positive story as I'd read all sorts of horror stories on the internet too about it being a really strong pill!

    Good luck chick! xxx
  • Hi, I was on yasmin for 12 years when I came off it in July2008. I had my real af and then got my BFP in the september our 1st month of ttc. I had my baby in June last year and soon afterwards went back on Yasmin. I then came off it in Jan 2010 and got my BFP again on our 1st month ttc AGAIN.
    It wont have definately have screwed your cycles up so you could be preg but too early for BFP.

    Good luck hun xxx
  • Thank you so much ladies!
    Really appreciate you all posting for me, I needed these positive messages after all the doom and gloom from t'internet. I'm going to book a doc appointment for this week to find out what (if anything) is going on. Wish you both a happy and healthy pregnancy - keep in touch!
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