Help !!

I have to wait til Sunday before AF due and need help in not testing !!
I am trying to have lots of PMA and hope this month is the month ! Have done everything we should have and now i have to wait. Why is the waiting bit the hardest? Booo image


  • Hi LMcD , tell me about the waiting to test i am as bad as you. I only came off the pill on the 26th and last week had sensitive nipples and crampy pains in my lower belly , i tried to wait and see if period came,its didnt so i did a test it was negative,but i just couldnt help myslf haha im awful. Im gonna try be strong now and wait till i get my first period and only test when i need to ,its easier said then done though. Just try and hold out till Sunday its not that long to strong hahah ;\)
  • WOW Zammo well done!! So hope i find out im pregnant this time next week!!
    How long have you being ttc??
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