Postive opk but very confused!

Well ladies,

Im on CD 35 or my "normal"28 day cycle with no sign of AF or BFP still.

So i tested this morning using both hpt & opk and the opk came back positive a very dark line appeared!

Whats my body doing?have i just skipped an af for last month? So im treating it as ovulation time and bding but i still kinda confused?

Anyone got and ideas whats going on? Thanks in advance x


  • Sorry hun cant be much help but ive heard that a positive opk when not right time in cycle can be a sign of bfp...not 100% sure though
    Hope it is for you though
  • Hi Holly. Sorry to hear ur still in limbo. Hopefully if you are ov'ing and bd'ing you'll get ur bfp soon. Good luck sweetie x x
  • Hi holly,

    I just had this too. I tested with a hpt few days back and it was neg, so thought maybe i will use a OV stick out of the blue, maybe i was OVing late or something. Well what a shock, it came up straight away and was well dark.
    I couldnt believe it was OV time as my CM and CP was all wrong for OVing.
    Did another couple of PG tests, a SD and FRER and you have probably seen my recent posts, i now have faint lines. Im hoping its a early BFP for me.

    So fingers crossed to you too. :\)

  • i have my fingers crossed for you image im holding out for your BFP!!! No AF so your still in there hun!!! just might not be showing on tests yet or could be that you have a longer cycle this month! our bodys are weird!! cant wait for lunch tuesday! image baby talk image xxx
  • Its so annoying i just want things to be textbook and normal !

    Jay78 i like the sound of that i hope thats whats going to happen.

    Lydia'smummy thank you fingers crossed for our bfp soon too,at least your no longer in horid limbo huni

    Fingers crossed for that BFP mrspinkplayboy if your getting faint bfp its a fantastic sign hope they get darker for you

    And finally claire the most yummy mummy2be i cant wait to join you when i finally get my BFP,we can compare bumps and everything although in sure you will look fantastic and me well a whale lol(your seen what i like preggers)Cant wait for lunch with you on tues x
  • you wernt a whale lol!! and you look fantastic now!!! everyone says you look great image no baby fat left on ya!!! did you get my text?? need directions lol! if its near your old house then im sure il find it!! see you tuesday lovey!! fingers crossed for ya!!!

    ooo going doctors tuesday morning so il tel u all bout it over lunch! image xxxx
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