AF offically late =D

But no BFP yet! Will be testing tomorrow, i was naughty and tested early during the week, so im hoping that by being good and waiting until after the bank holiday weekend ill get a +!!! My Birthday on friday so i'd LOVE to get my bfp for then!!! Cross your fingers for me! xx


  • Loads of luck hun. I'm due tomo and fingers crossed for me too. Had a BFn yest but hoping thats just cos it was too early.
  • oooh sounds promising, hope this is it for u! x
  • eek how exciting hun, you know my fingers are crossed for you. what a lovely birthday pressie that would be x
  • Wow, well done for not testing! Sounds like you might be getting your birthday BFP! x
  • good luck, hope u get a lovely early birthday present image x
  • Hi shopaholic lea,
    Did you test this morning?
    No sign of AF today although I'm extremely bloated and getting occasional cramps. did a SD test this morning and BFN. I'm the same as you and it's my first month off pill so worried my periods are gonna be all over the place. How did you know how long your cycle was, did you just go by pill cycle days?
  • Good luck huni hope you get a BFP!!
    Luv clare
  • Tested this morning and got BFN, still no AF tho.!!! So its not over!

    Wispa, i had the implant not the pill, and cycles were very very irregular, but went by old cycle days before implant, and im pretty sure i ov'd too this month am expecting a period soon! (or a bfp at least!) Want to know either way by my Birthday so I know whether i can have a drink or not! grr xxx
  • Hi S_Lea,
    Damn it no BFP for you. I'm so frustrated still no sign of AF at all for me. Do you reckon we could still be in with a chance even tho BFns. Do some people find it takes longer to show up on a test do you know? Think i might be clutching at straws here!! hehe

    Really hope you get your BFP for your birthday. Keep me posted
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