CD 2!

Well, after being all confused about what my body was doing, I am now pretty sure that Im on cd2!! There's now no mistaking that this is a proper for-real af, as its heavier and I have backache and mild cramping.

gutted that it wasnt really ewcm on 4th, and that I have absolutely no chance of being pg this month, but also happy that its a real af, so now I can assume my body has settled down and I can start counting my cycle days and know roughly where I am.

Let the ttc commence!! image

Luck and babydust to all **************************** x


  • That's great babybump4! You can join those of us ttc in June. I have decided June feels like a good month to get a bfp! So fingers crossed, and baby dust flying all over the place! xx
  • Thanks mithical! what cd are you on?

    I agree, June is a great month to conceive! March is just coming into spring time, so all those cute little summer babyclothes to look forward to! x
  • And all the summer as maternity leave!!. Sorry she found you bb4, but pleased you now know where you are?
  • I'm on CD 11 now, think I'll ov around CD 16/17.

    Sounds good to me Helen! Don't quite wangle Xmas off though...never mind! xx

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  • No, 9 months is good but if I get my bfp this month I'll end up working both!! Did christmas day nioght duty last year though so that should get me out of that day for next couple of years and when you have a little one thats the day you really dont want to work!!!
  • Woohoo hun, hopefully il be joining you with af soon (or she could just take a nine month holiday...that wud be fab!!!!) image x
  • When you due AF woomummy? xx
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