Drinking Alcohol when ttc

Are you? I am but keep thinking well what if i find out im pregnant and I have had Wine! Would it damage the baby.
I will stress that the moment I find out I am I won't touch a drop again!


  • In my TTC book it says that you shouldn't drink too much to help your chances of TTC, but if you've had a drink then find out on the day your AF is due that you are pregnant you'll be fine as there is no connection between the baby and your bloodsream until around the time you miss your period.

    When i found out i was pregnant with my lo i was worried as i had been to a party on CD24 and drank loads then i got my BFP on CD32. My midwife told me not to worry as the baby would not have been affected by this.

  • i wouldn't worry about it too much. personally i started to cut down on alcohol anyway (not that i am a big drinker anyway) but i would have the occasional glass of wine or two in the two weeks leading up to ov (and definitely when AF turned up to cheer me up) but then tried to avoid it on 2ww if possible. cutting down whilst ttc has also helped because i haven't missed it since getting BFP.
    i'm sure it is all ok though - i'd just recommend not drinking as soon as you get BFP.

    good luck xxx
  • I've cut down, because I'm sure it will help getting that BFP, and help with not being able to have one once I get it! lol!
  • I'm sure it definantly helps to cut down or preferrably cut alcohol out while you're ttc. But I feel pregnant on my honeymoon in Mexico and I was downing tequila's and drinking mojito's for 2 weeks solid. (Didn't think I would fall pregnant after a mc the month before)
    Anyway, I did and basically I can't undo anything I did in the 1st 6wks before realising I was pregnant. I know people who didn't find out they were pregnant until 10-12 wks and were drinking up to this point, they now have lovely little toddlers. Suz x
  • Having a few drinks now and then when you're trying isnt a big worry and as long as you stop when you get your bfp you'll be fine. Im not drinking because I have gone off it and went out last sat and had a few drinks but thats all I've had in 3 months. I did have one drunken night before I found out I was pg with lo but she is absolutely perfect so it didnt affect her as like happymama said the bloodstreams arent connected that early.
    I say if you want to enjoy a glass of wine there is nothing stopping you, even when your pg your allowed one unit every 2 wks or something like that. But I rather avoid it completely x
  • Thanks for the advice ladies. image
  • I gave up completely (well, apart from one white wine spritzer before I ov) - didn't want to take any risks at all. My reasons were as much to keep my body in ship shape working order as to not harm a little beanie.
  • I've also give up completely cos age isn't on my side at 36. Last week was my first annual leave week since stopping and I found it very very difficult. I keep repeating the other benefits of giving up to myself - like no sore heads in the morning.
  • I don't drink much anyway but I have made a point of not going out for a binge drink since we have been ttc. Figure it is doing me some good even if not pg.
  • i drank while ttc for the first 2 months (it was rugby season) then third month i didnt and got a bfp. not sure if its connected though or just coincidence.

    my sister in law got pretty drunk at my wedding in july and also at an ann summers party the weeks later. 3 days after that she got bfp and has just had healthy twin boys (they developed twin to twin transfusion syndrome but that was to do with the placenta and cord and not to do with the babies or drinking.

    hope that helps
  • Hi girls,

    I don't drink during the week anyway, tend to just sharw a bottle of wine on Fri and Sat night with hubby - I've just got my bfp.

    I also went out on a bender weekend before last, I didn't think I had ov'ted, turns out something must have been developing then! (Ooopss!)

    I think a little in moderation should be ok - otherwise it takes the fun and passion out of trying...this is only my opinion though! image

  • Sometimes you need it. lol I have a few glasses of wine on a friday night to relax. When i first started ttc i didnt touch it for the first 8months but its been so long now i think what the heck its only a few glasses and you cant stop your life.

    jen xx
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