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HI last month I had high, high, peak, peak, high but this month i am 4 highs in a row and no peak yet. The highs have started on the same day each time. Does this mean I haven't ovulated this month or just that my hormone levels are different this month. This is my second month of using the cbfm!
Thanks in advance.


  • I have no idea but didn't want to r&r. I'd say if you've got highs then you've probably ov'd but like you say perhaps less hormone.
  • im on cd 5 is it too late to buy a cbfm and use it for this month? I keep switching from wanting to just relaxed about it all and being completely obsessed, we are onto month 9 and im just so upset esp as im 32, 33 in dec and feel im gonna be too old.:cry:

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  • I've just read my instructions and it says basically you have to choose a time of day to test. It doesn't have to be fmu for ov testing as the surge tends to be in the afternoon. If you got a cbfm today you could set it to cd5 but you would have to pick a testing time after the time you first turn it on if you get me?

    So if you but one now, you can decide that you want to test at 6pm at night so you would switch it on and set it to cd5 this evening. That means when you start poas tomorrow it would have to be at a similar time of day. Although cd5 is the latest you can start using one in a cycle as it requires you to start poas tomorrow to test your hormones.

    Hope you understand that?

    Having said all that I switch mine on all times of the day, the only time I use it at a regular time is when I have to poas as your hormones fluctuate throughout the day. During cd1-5 I switch it on when I remember.

    Hope you can understand all that lol
  • Sorry that was supposed to say "buy one now" not but lol
  • thanks for the reply, think im gonna go buy one 2day. getting excited now haha x
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