Advise please.......

Hi ladies, This is my first month of really ttc, i just wondered is there a certain time of the month that your most fertile? the first day of my bleed was yesterday and im a bit confused how to work out dates etc!?
Thanks alot xxx


  • how long are your cycles hun? xx
  • Hi, i think ive just written on your post, im not sure how to work it out, ive put dates on the other post, if u could help that would be great, im soo excited about it all but i cant tell anyone this end as we want to keep it to ourselves! image thankyou xx
  • ill work it out for you xxxx
  • right your cycle was 27 days long ( you start from the first day of your first period to the first day of your next period)

    fertle dates this month are 12th july-17th july

    i just put in 2nd july and 27 days into an ovulation calculator xxxx
  • Hi hun,

    If your cycles are regular then you count backwards 14 days from the day your next period would be due. If your cycles aren't regular then it might help to get some OPK's or chart your temperature etc just to be sure.

    Good luck hun!
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