I'm having doubts

Oh dear, I'm CD6 now I think of 2 month and after being gutted that I wasn't pg I have found myself having doubts the last day or so as to whether I should wait a bit.

I feel stupid worrying about the things that are bothering me but I just can't seem to shake the feeling today. Money is a worry although I had decided not to let redundancy delay our plans but as time goes on with still no jobs I wonder whether this is sensible, And totally selfishly I've been trying to loose weight and I laugh when I think about how much weight I'll put on growing a baby but I just wanted to get to a similar starting point as last time. Oh I'm just blooming moaning I know and I really can't wait to be pregnant again and have another gorgeous little baby.

Hubby didn't get a job he was interviewed for last week think it has set me off a bit as we were both gutted it would have been ideal.


  • Hiya hun, I understand how you feel, i think the intial deciding ttc is such a scary concept and I also have days when I think is this what I really want, but the want soooo over powers the doubt (for me personally) and after 2 or 3 years of not being in the right job, wanting to go on that holiday etc I thought sod it! lol if i wait for the right time then there probably wouldnt be one but if you dont feel it is right for you now then take a break for a month or two xxxxxxx
  • Yeah I think I've just been a bit grumpy with AF and I've let myself think about things too much, I wanted to be so relaxed this time round but the whole thing has overwhelmed me again

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