hi girlies,

im getting marriednext month wahoo! we are ttc, my mum (not knowing we are ttc) has bought me an hour of tanning minuites (for a sun bed). i dont no what to do! is it safe to be doing that whilst ttc? whilst preg, but not knowing yet? im scared! ive never ever been on a sun bed b4 as they dont have great press, she said she would never let me do something that would harm me, so i (stupidly) agreed to go (today) i havent OV yet, so im not PG at the mo, but dont no what to do after OV? what do u think girls?


  • Hi me,

    Regardless of whether ttc or not they are a bad idea. I used to work in a cancer hospital and I'cve lost track of the amount of times the skin doctor specialist openly criticised them. Particularly if you've not used them before your skin might be extra sensitive to them. I have had a nasty burn on them after trying them once.
    Go and have a st Tropez instead!! far safer and look just as good if you get a proper one done rather than the DIY.
  • yeah thats what i was thinking, maybe convince her to let me use the money for the tanning place to have a massage or something instead (as they do them at the same place) so even tho she bought me the voucher, i can just have a manicure or massage or something? i was thinking about this over and over after i posted and started to talk myself out of it, i dont think its a good idea, PG or not, thaks for replying hun xxxxxxxxx
  • glad you think like that, didn't mean to sound bolshy, its just where I used to work have seen first hand the kind of damage they do and I feel really strongly about it. Sorry! When is the big day?
  • na thats ok i was thinking about it more and more afterwards, ad thought actually no, its not a good idea atall, just spoke to mum and shes gonna let me have a spray tan instead, so hope im not all streaky lol. woohoo! 50 days today (its 21st may) sooo excited! xxxx
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