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strange smelling wee?! tmi....

Hi Girls

Just wondered if any of you have experienced strange smelling wee? I have no idea what it is, but for the last few days every time I've been to the loo I've been able to smell my wee really strongly. Its a bit like when you eat asparagus, but I haven't been eating asparagus!!

I started taking agnus castus at the weekend, and other than that you'll know from my other posts I'm on day 60something, with no sign of ov through OPK or BBT....

Any ideas??



  • Hi fergy,

    I have really strange swelling wee and have had a few faint lines on tests but am waiting to test for my CBD.

    Good luck hun it could be a sign of your BFP

  • wierd - but I kinda think it couldnt be cos I don't think I've even OVd yet according to my temps....

    Is it like when you have asparagus?! lol....

  • bump - any ideas anyone?? could it be agnus castus? could it be pregnacare? or what is it????!!!

    Think I have a bit of thrush too (tmi sorry) which I'm using cream for, but have had it before and no strange smelling wee......

  • Hiya, not gonna be much help but oddly my wee has been a bit pongy and dark over the weekend but I just assumed i was dehydrated...anyone have any ideas??

  • Hi Fergy,
    I've just got my BFP - my wee has been cloudy but not particularly smelly! But having thrush is definitely one of my symptoms! I like you have really irregular periods and didn't think I was ovulating but must have been! My last period was the 22nd October! Try testing x
  • I tested yesterday and a few days ago - BFNs.

    It's not dark like I'm dehydrated, normal colour, perhaps a little cloudy, loads of cm at the mo. Just no idea really!!
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