2010 pma

ok girls i had a little hope left for a bfp this month but this morning she definetly getting ready to make her appearance.

the funny thing is i actually feel ok about it. i seem yo be full of pma and have noticed that it actually seems the same across the forum. so girls are we all ready for our sep/oct (it will be oct for me) beans.

i have worked out that if i fall this month i will test a couple of days before valentines day so i will tell hubby then .xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

anyway purpose of my post is, what are all your plans for this month.

i have decided that:

1 i will follow smep loosely
2 i will not use opk's
3 i will not chart my temp
4 i will eat a healthy diet
5 i will cut out caffiene

pma, pma,pma,pma,pma,pma.xxxxxxxxxxxx


  • I am expecting af tomorrow, I'd rather she didn't appear but I think she will. I am going to try and jump on your pma bandwagon, even though I feel like I'm going to cry at the min! Boo to af!
    I will cut out caffeine too as much as I can, it's in choc and I need that when af arrives!
    I'm not using opks or temping either. I'm going to try and eat more fruit/veg and less rubbish. I'm going to try and be happy and not get stressed and I'm going to bd every other day after af finishes.
    I'd be due af next on 30 Jan so hopefully will get a bfp and an october baby!..........
    Unless af doesn't arrive this month, yeah right!
    PMA all the way.
  • angel, it's great to see that you are so full of PMA

    for some reason I am too although I am pretty sure that we didn't do it this month. Will focus on other things like getting healthy and my studies instead of spending every waking minute trying to read my body for symptoms

    Lots of PMA for everybody
  • aww meem i hope she stays away for you. im not due on till thursday but looks like she is on her way already.

    shuck i plan to kee busy this month and just enjoy time with hubby.xxxxxxxx
  • I'm loving all this PMA! Well, when af finally shows, I am planning on following the SMEP and then bding every other day until af or bfp. I'm going to try to relax and enjoy. Attempt to cut down on the coffee I drink and remember to take my vitamins every day!

    We can do this girls!x
  • wisher i agree we can do it. i usually remember to take my prenatal b=vit coz its next to my bed but i after ov and i stop taking my epo i tend to forget to take my vit b6 & vit c.xx
  • I'll try and get on the PMA bandwagon too, despite my post just now to the contrary!

    I just want regular cycles!!! Humph.

    Anyway.... PMA..... In January I will (cos I can't say 'this cycle'):

    - keep doing BBT
    - keep doing OPKs
    - remember to take my vits
    - take boots equiv of robitussin to help the cm
    - try and have good bding with hubby rather than routine baby making!!

  • hi hun, i posted on your other post. im taking robitussin this month as well and drinking grapefruit juice too. but i am taking a break from charting and stuff i think im getting to wound up so stepping back a little.xxxxxxxxx
  • Id like to try and join too please.

    Can i just ask though...whats the grapefruit juice thing about please?

    By the time we're ready to try this month i will have zestica to help things along and i'll have my cbfm!! Im also going to get agnus castus (or whatever its called!!!) to make sure i dont go through another cycle like this one (now on 11 days late)

  • hi hun, i started drinking grapefuit juice up till ov last month and it gave be better cm.xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi angel100,

    Well we were supposed to be following SMEP this month but started BD on wrong days and hubby has been knackered, we BD last nite on CD9 and I was supposed to start using OPK's today and FORGOT!!

    I really want a baby but got side tracked with 1st day back at work and booking a HOL!! We go to San Antonion Bay for our wedding anniversary in May (1st Year) and its all inclusive.

    Am hoping to be pregnant by May even if I am only a month or 2 but if I fall next month will be 5 months and not sure am keen on going on hol 5 month preg - that said am sure it will be fine!!!

    So loosely smeping as and when we feel like it.
    Taking vits
    Caffeine - mmm when was i suppose to give this up?? am addicted to cappucino's at the moment!!
    Have started healthy eating and exercise plan today (exercise being on my laptop exercising my fingers lol)

    No seriously am going back to keep fit class tomorrow and thurs xx
  • Hey sweetie, lovely post! Sorry to hear that the witch has found you though.

    Ok, onto the PMA, we WILL have an Oct babby, so the plan for this month

    - Loosely follow the SMEP (can't always stick to the non-bd'ing days, lol)
    - Will use OPK's
    - Temp, more out of curiosity than anything
    - Note down symptoms, know I won't be able to help it
    - Will try grapefruit juice again
    - Will try the cough mixture
    - Will post lots of PMA boosting msgs!
    - Will do half an hour of Wii fit a day
    - Will eat healthily and take my vits
    - Won't have any caffine or alcohol

    Bloody hell, well at least all my marking will take my mind off ttc.

    Good luck girlies!

    Babydust for 2010! xxx

    image image
  • well my temp dipped this morning so she is somewhere near.lol.

    anyway keeping up the pma.

    cass ive decided not to do the whole temps thing coz i think i keep reading too much into it although i have to day i WILL be ss.lol. only coz its not in my system not too.ha.xxxxxxxxx
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