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Doctor sending me for blood tests


We went to the doctors yesterday as we have now been trying for just over 6 months with no luck, I have very regular periods and the doctor is sending me for 2 blood tests one day 1 to 5 of my cycle and one 7 days before my period is due. They are also going to send for Hubby to have a sperm test.

Has anyone had these tests done? If so what will the blood tests hope to tell me??? I am pretty hopeless at the doctors and I'm not great at asking the right answars. He said we couldn't be reffered to a fertility clinic until 2 years of trying.



  • Please can I be very nosy and ask how old you are? Just because we have been trying for over 6 months but thought the doc wouldn't test us until after a year. I am 27 xx
  • Mrs Jules

    I'm 30 in Jan, I was surprised he said he would test me to be honest I thought he would make me wait longer. I go for my first test in 2 weeks thats the 7 days before period one.


  • Sorry to be so rude asking you that. I just read somewhere that if you were over 30 then the Doc's would carry out tests etc after 6 months of trying but under that you have to wait a year. Good luck for your first test. I hope it all goes well and the results are good ones. xxx
  • No problem I don't mind you asking, its a bit scary to think the results could be bad.

    Fingers Crossed
  • hiya
    my hubby has had a sperm test and its just to check the quality, quantanty, the amount he produces and mobility of the sperm hope this helps and sorry about the spelling

    kerry xxxxx
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