zumba while ttc?

hi ladies, i was supposed to be joining a 'zumba' class tomorrow (zumba is like a really high energy salsa+aerobics exercise class) but, i've suddenly thought that perhaps its not wise to start suddenly going from no exercise to high ebergy bouncy stuff while ttc, also tho because i'm now on cd 44 of a normally 31-33 day cycle, so between 11-13 days late now, i was gonna test tomorrow although i v much doubt there'll be a bfp as we were still using condoms last time we did the deed, was waiting for this af to start ttc (sods law it then goes awol). so what are ur thoughts, to zumba or not to zumba? any advice wld be much appreciated



  • I think itd be ok to do. Then it gets you into a exercise routine before the BFP so that you can do a smaller amount of light 'exercise' during.
  • Hi hun, am not sure to be honest but I used to go to body conditioning, body attack and body pump -involved alot of boucing around the room and I have stopped going now.

    I am going to replace this with walking, yoga on the wii and join a gym but at least I wont be jumping up n down alot and can do gentle exercise.

  • thanks ladies,well i'm gonna go tonight as i poas today and got a bfn, and im sure if i was it wld show when 2weeks late lol. so gonna go do some zumba!! xx
  • woohoo good luck!!!

    all that exercise will get you feeling in the mood to BD!!!

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