Anyone else scared......?

Sorry, another post so quickly but on a completley different subject....

I absolutely and desperately want to have kids. I can't wait to be with DH in the park playing football or whatever!!!

On the other hand, I am completely petrified about it too!! I know it sounds daft. I'm not particularly concerned with being pregnant or even the birth (although it is hereditary in our family for the babies to be 'back to back' which is incredibly painful - oh joy!!). Is it normal to feel this anxious about actually being a Mum? Will I be good? Will we have enough money? Will it change mine and DH's relationship? For the better or worse? Will I be able to give up my life as it is now? All these questions go around in my head.

Anyone else or am I just weird???




  • No you are not alone there love i feel just the same. I am so worried about money and how we will cope and also how much it will change mine and hibby's relationship so no you are not alone.

    K xx
  • As it's my second I am less worried now. I know that it changes everything but once you get over the period of readjustment it is all fine. I can honestly say I run out of money at exactly the same point in the month regardless of my expenses. I was a single mum for several years and my money situation looked awful on paper, but I got by.
    I am slightly worried about how the next baby will affect mine and OHs relationship, but we are commited to one another and know there may be periods when our relationship is hard going, but we are prepared to work hard at it.
    You will be fine, on all counts. Though that won't stop you constantly worrying you're doing it all wrong.
  • i feel the same as you... both me and oh really want babies and can't wait, i look forward to the experience of pregnancy and birth but on the other hand sometimes i have worries about it all, feeling a bit over whelmed and thinking of all the things that could go wrong!! i have the same thoughts as you... will it change our relationship, will we be good parents... i like to think i know it will bring us closer together and im sure it will for u too, there's nothing stronger than the bond of having a child together... as for money i have been told many times don't wait till u can afford kids coz you'll never be able to!!image i have been on this site so much filling my head with all the info i can, lol.
    worries are natural and as long as you love ur kids with all your heart you'll be a great mum xx
  • Thank you ladies. What lovely responses! I'm feeling better about things - for at least the next ten minutes anyway!!

    J20 - the money thing - completely agree with your sentiments - trouble is I'm a financial adviser which is the worst job you can have in these circumstances!!!! LOL!!!

    Good luck ladies

  • Its no wonder you are worried being a financial advisor!!!!! LOL

    Honestly though its completely normal to feel how you are feeling. I remember feeling the same before my 1st & once you adjust to life with a baby you will never want to go back to life without one. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed my life more than what I do with 2 kiddies (& fingers crossed another on the way if I get my BFP this month!!) I'm not saying that there arent times where it can be difficult but the good by far outweigh the bad.

    Good luck & lots of sticky babydust xx
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