Am i out??

Im on cd26 today and have been having good signs so far...i did a tesco hpt monday morning which was 10dpo for me and it did come up with a bfp but i didnt wanna scream and shout about it in case it was too early!! So anyways did another that night and it was fainter than fmu but was still there.....well today i am on cd26 and am 13dpo and after bd'in this morning i had a slight pink tinge afterwards...could this be af on her way?? I have had this before sometimes after bd'in but im not sure whereabouts in my cycle i had it before! It was only after we bd'd and havnt had anything now worrying that af is on her way!

What should i think? Am i out??

cheryl xx


  • If you got a faint line then i would say that your pregnant! As long as there isnt any dark red blood then i wouldnt worry hunni, its perfectly normal during pregnancy to have a bit of pinkish discharge especially after bd. congratulations xxxxx
  • thing is the tesco hpt i did that morning was definately there and wasnt faint apart from the night time one i did but i did a digital yesterday and it came up bfn...could it be too early for the digital to come up yet??

    I dont know what to think!!

  • lots of ladies on here have had a early bfp on a tesco hpt and then a bfn on a digi. Apparently digi tests are not all that sensative ..

    hope it's good news for you ;\)
    maxi xxx
  • Hey hun- yes as Debbie said if u got a line (even a faint line) then it's a pos! congrats!

    As for the pink tinge- I had exactly the same thing on mon night after BD (when I was on 6dpo), yesterday I was 8dpo and had some verrrrrrry light spotting in the morning (as I said in a previous post) so im kinda hoping that it is a good sign for me!
    I had a look on the net last night as I was a bit worried as I never ever spot after BD or mid cycle and it said it was common in early preg after BD so im sure it will be ok.

  • heya hun CBD tests arent that sensitive at all, they're not all that great but just simplfiy it by saying the word 'pregnant' x
  • Had a litle bit more pink when goin to the loo earlier but havnt had anymore that a good thing?
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