When to use Prs-seed

Hi girls i am due to OV this friday that will be CD14 for me and I have bought two yes two boxes of pre-seed but i am not sure when to start using them?? Shall I start to use them now as I know you can be fertile a couple of days before you OV?

K xx


  • don't really know honey but i would thinkfrom now could do no harm and only good?
    maybe if you ask over in pg forum woman who got pg using it can give you a better idea of when it worked for them!
  • can i sound really ignorant and ask what pre-seed is. i really have to get caught up on all this ttc lingo. back to the list for me i think.lol
  • Thank you I thought it would be simple to know lol but I was like actually when do i use it lol

  • ANGIELISA preseed is a sperm friendly lubricant. All the others are not friendly to the little swimmers!

    K-lou - I guess the idea is if you need lubricant you use it?! I know it's expensive, so maybe use it closer to the ov date?

    Did you find any better answers?? xx
  • Just a few day sbefore ov really I thought it would be on the day of OV but i guess not xx
  • thank you mythical. that answers my question. ive already got a lo but all this a bit new to me.lol
  • where can you buy pre-seed from?? I have been using Durex Play, and now i think i must have killed our baby sperm.....
  • Hi em29, www.accesdiagnostics.co.uk is a popular site with the ladies on here. xx

    K-lou, I think the pre-seed can be used at anytime in your fertile window. I guess that's the idea, because you won't necessarily know exactly when you ov. xx
  • does pre-seed actually aid fertilisation? Does it help the sperm swim up as there is more fluid?
  • just had a look on the site, thanks mithical xx
  • Hi again em29, I think it is a good environment for the sperm, and helps them keep swimming. There are positive stories on the site, if you look under more info. xx
  • Looks good - thanks for the tip everyone! WIll gets some for next month if unsuccessful this cycle. Have agood night everyone xxx
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