I been trying for a baby for about a year now my question is my last period was May 24th I BD the 7 11 12 13 I am not sure if I missed my ovulation time but today I started having white heavy sticky discharge it does not smell or itch what does white heavy dischrge meansit looks like clumps of cotton sorry for tmi


  • Hi 101700 and welcome to the site,
    I do belive that increased discharge is a good sign although it is still early days i guess. Do you know how long your cycles are? Good luck and hope its a BFP for you really soon.
  • You would be on CD 21 today? Could be you are fertile now if your cycle is around/over 35 days? Welcome by the way. xx
  • Hi,

    My cycle is every 26 or 27 days I was so afraid that it was an infection that I used monistat now I am worry that if I am pregnant I caused harm, but I doubt it very much that I am my boobs have been sore but it seems to happen every month before my period.
  • You usually have a 14ish day length after your ov, which is the luteal phase. So you would probably ov around CD 11-13. Which is only a guess, as everyone is different. But that is when you should look out for ewcm, and any ov pain.

    I think if you have used monistat there may be a chance you have affected the little swimmers, if you are not already pg. It will have changed their environment. If you are, then I have no idea whether it can be used in pg. But the instructions, your pharmacist or dr will be able to tell you.

    Ewcm the fertile cm is clear and stretchy, the white thick cm tends to be in the phase after ov. HTH. xx

  • well the witch came down on june 17 image so I guess thank God I was not since I used monistat....... will see this cycle

    Thank You for your help image
  • You're welcome. xx
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