Anyone had implantation bleeding

Today and yesterday, my cm has looked light brown instead of white or clear. Could this be implantation bleeding, or is implantation distinctly look like blood?

Im on cd 23 and ov was around cd17 or 18.

Hope you can help


  • i had what i think was implantation bleeding 4 days after ov and 5 days after ov, mine was light spotting over the 2 days, but sounds to me like yous could be aswell x
  • Hi again. Yes it definately could be. I got the same (very light brown but noticeable different) on CD24 and I ov on CD CD18/19 and got my BFP today CD28 four days early !!! You generally get implantation around 6-10 dpo so it looks promising. Really hope you get your BFP this month too Sevans xx
  • Thank you both. Hope I get my bfp too this month. AF due Friday.

    I did have some af feelings yesterday like I was gonna come on, but nothing much today, about from some dull aches this morning. Haven't had a lot of light brown cm, and it doesn't look like blood, more creamy light brown cm. sorry tmi. fingers crossed.

  • Well, I just had a look at my diary from last month, and noticed on cd24 I had cm with a brown/yellowish tinge to it. So it looks like it may not be implantation bleeding after all image
  • Thanks Sian. I will try and hold onto your experience for the next few days. My pma has been suffering today.
  • i had brown spotting like old blood 7/8dpo which lasted for about 4 days. once or twice each of those days i had red blood too. i got my bfp 11 dpo
  • Oh hopefully Kar. I found a little more brown cm/blood this morning when I tried inside. It is too early for af to come - on cd25. I do have very slight af feelings. Oh, please let this be my month.
  • Ahh LOTS of PMA and BABYDUST Sevans.... Stay positive!

    Good luck honey xx
  • Everything crossed for you that this is implantation!!xx
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