Does anyone ever feel it is never gonna happen?!

Hello ladies,

Ok, ok, I am trying to stay positive, still 5 days before the witch is due, but do you ever feel that it's just never going to happen?

We are onto month 7(ish) although have been off the pill for 9 months and although there are lots of people who have been trying longer, I sometimes have a wobble and think " is it ever going to happen? Will it ever be our turn?"

We went out with friends today and it was lovely, but honestly, literally everywhere there were either babies or pregnant women - think this just made it a little harder.

Does anyone ever feel the same way?



  • hi mrsbammy you are not alone! i also see pregnant women or babies everywhere and wonder how lucky everyone else seems to be.
    i know we were lucky enough to get bfp on month 3 but had mmc at 11 weeks so i now worry it will take us ages to get pg again, and that even if we do we will lose it again. i just long to be pg with a nice bump then a few months later have a lovely little healthy baby in our arms that we can take on nice walks. i have to keep that picture in my head - that's what keeps me going.
    i hope your BFP comes this week! keep positive, here is lots of PMA to keep you going image
  • Yep, i feel the same, time drags so slowly when you are ttc.
  • Im with you, all the time but i suppose everything happens for a reason (thats what i beleive anyway) and when you get your special little angel it will be all the more precious and magical.

    Everyone has bad days i know, lol. But you just gotta keep on going. This site is great for having a chat or a moan. Good luck i hope you get your angel soon.

    jen xx
  • Hiya - i am due to test in 5 days too but foolishly did one today and got bfn. Have been given loads of supportive messages from my other post and so have some pma to spare....*****
    I cant say anything to cheer you up though, because i have same fears. It took 6 months to get pregnant with first, so not too bad - but every cycle seems like an eternity doesnt it? xxx
  • Awww, thanks girls -

    I feel a bit of fraud really, as there are so many girls who have experienced MC or have been trying longer, but it just feels like an age and then I start worrying thinking that it'll never happen, or that there's something wrong with one of us...

    Fingers crossed for us all, and as you say, just to hold our special angel will be worth everything.

    Thanks girls

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