started spotting today :\(

i reasonable cycle length tho,another 1 under 40 days,AF should be here tomorrow and onto month 27!!!!

no need for a reply i like to write it down so i can go back and remember when AF started coz i dont keep note in the house

offically cd1 today after a few days spotting

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  • Hey Grudie, sorry your spotting, I started today too after being four days late - feel gutted! Hope you get your BFP soooo soon, you deserve it after 27 months xxxx
  • tis crap chick isnt it image,sorry she got you

    i just have this overwhelming urge to burst into tears lol i thought i was going to be a bit more strong about it this month,clearly not so il just joke about it to keep me going xx

    here's to your BFP next month x
  • oh no, so sorry honey, fingers crossed for month 27!

    on the plus side you could be in for a maybaby with the old crew image
  • of course you want to cry - go ahead, let it out ...

    I'm so sorry - I'm hoping we each get a May baby - Believe you can concieve :\)

  • I cant imagine how you must be feeling hun, Im going onto month 4 and feel awful for moaning now! lets hope we both get BFP and graduate to DIM together xxxx
  • Oh huni, im so sorry to hear your spotting! The same thing happened to me this month, it started at 7dpo so i was hoping it was implantation!!!
    I know how you feel, im also on mth 26+, sometimes i can shrug and just think oh well but this mth wasnt one of those times, i had to have a good cry to get it out of my system so that i could move forward. It doesnt get any easier, does it?
    Im full of pma now as im sure you will be to very soon, good luck hun xxxxx
  • Oh Grudes cant believe its month 27 so bloody cruel but it will happen hun and May babies are ace!!!
    big hugs hun xxxx
  • Hey Guys sorry bout your bfn's I'm on cd45 rdays late for af and bfn. Just want af to ome now so I can move onto next cycle. Long cycles are so horrible it just makes the waiting even worse. - can even imagine how u guys are feeling, I feel down enough already!
    hopefully we'll all get bfp's
  • awww sorry grudie, and everyone else. xxxxxxxxx
  • Grudie I am so sorry you're back at the beginning of another month, it really really isn't fair and you do so well to manage with the millions of bfp's on here. I really really hope you're going to be off to Due in May and will be keeping my eye on you x
  • thank you all ladies xx
  • a big yay for due in may! a lovely month to have a baby image
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