Got a BFP!!!


After doing what felt like HUNDREDS of tests I finally got my BFP!!!! I am sooooo excited!!! I can't stop phoning round telling friends and family



  • WOW congrats honey i am sooo pleased for you image

    So tell us how long have you been trying and what was your 2ww symptomsimage

    Here is to a wonderful 9 months for you

    K xx
  • whaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

    Well done hun and congratulations to you and Mr KThom122
  • k-lou, what are you like lol
  • Congratulations!!!!xx
  • well done congrats here to a good 9 months
  • It's nice to know people's symptoms x
  • I agree with K-Lou...kinda makes us feel better if we hear people took a while too and also knowing symptoms means we can rule out any we are having! Or just make us fret even more which considering I didnt chart this month or make note of any cm or anything ive decided is a good thing! Id rather fret and symptom spot than be totally in the dark as to whether I OV'd or not! Ive decided to go all out next month and my ov sticks & preseed arrived just a few minutes ago! image
  • Congratialtions honey so chuffed for you. have a happy h&h 9
  • Yay congratulations, fantastic news.
  • Congratulations - I'm sooo jealous!
  • Well..........................

    I have three kids already and my youngest is five months. I had my first AF postnatal 6 weeks ago so the witch was due to return 2 weeks ago while I was on holiday.

    She never showed and I bought two tests in Spain-both BFN's, came home and got another test another BFN, I kept feeling crampy in my back and tummy so I thought she was about to appear but then the cramps would go again.

    I insisted to oh that I was preggers but he kept saying 'you can't be otherwise the tests would be posative' so I bought two more last week- BFN's- by which time I was getting really down about it tbh.

    Was in Boots last night and couldn't resist buying two more(dh found them before I could tell him and told me off for wasting money lol) anyway I tested this morning and got a very faint line- dh could see it but insisted that I do the other one so I did and got another posative. I am SO excited I have told my mil and sil already!!!
  • Wow im so glad you finally got your bfp hun!! I can remember replying to your post after you came back from spain!! Have a very happy, healthy 9 mths. xxx
  • Congratulations!! xx
  • Well done! And hope for us all after your spate of BFNs!
  • Thankyou all for your replies, I am still shaking with excitement!!! And to Debbiemc-thankyou for your replies during the BFN's!!!
  • Awwww your very welcome hun, im so happy that you had a BFP outcome!! xxxxx
  • Congratulations thats fantastic!
  • Congratulations.
    Let's all hope it is catching


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  • congratulation. here's to happy 9 months.
  • Congratulations!! Always nice to see someone get their BFP, particularly when you have had a few BFN - see, they do lie sometimes!!!

    All the best for the next 9 months

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