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Could it be implantation ?!?

Okay just a quickie but I ovulated 2-3 days ago and today iv got slight tummy cramp and iv bled?! I think it will be too early for implantation bleeding but just want some advice please???
Fingers crossed image


  • Hi,
    I don't know but wanted to say I will keep my fingers crossed for you! x
  • My boyfriend emailed me info on implantation bleeding and I think from what iv read it's usually 9 days after ovulation so it can't be but now I wanna kno why iv bled for no reason! Lol things are never simple are they?!
  • Hi
    You can get random spotting at any time of the month and it is usually old blood hence it is brown. It doesn't have to mean anything and is quite common if your hormones are changing eg if you are coming off the pill or similar.

    Don't panic
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