CD2 Cycle buddies needed

Hey I'm on CD 2 at the moment I have kind of lost my pma so thought I'd look for some cycle buddies to have a laugh with through the dull times. This will be month 13 for us we have been married for 1 year and are both in our 30's Waves and Smiles x


  • hiya wanabamama, im ont CD3 today, kind of lost my PMA too! im getting married next month, and only been ttc for 2 and a half months, still not OV after coming off the pill so feeling really down, as i keep bleeding and having random AFs every 12ish days image so im *hoping* that this cycle will be normal length! how long are ur cycles normally? waves back lol xxxx
  • hiii, mind if I joind you girls ..
    I am CD 4 today. I have been half trying for the past 5 / 6 months.

    I am thinking about doing some hormone blood tests to check ... or should I wait?

  • Hi hun, I was cd2 yesterday aswell although this is my first real month ttc! Hopefully you more experienced ttc will be able to advise me along the way! My first cycle off pill was 28 days but my last one was 42 so I have no idea how long this one is going to be!

    I'm 21 and my OH is 24. Nice to meet you ladies :\)
  • My Af's have only just settled down in the last 4 months to a 28 day cycle..... I didn't have a period for nine weeks when I came off the pill then Af's were all over the place anything from 26 to 42 days! Nice to meet you all I think I have tried everything so anything you want to ask let me know if I don't know the answer I can probably point you in the right direction x

    I think there are packs you can buy on the internet for testing but I haven't tried any of them so I wouldn't know relayable they are
  • im on cd1 1st months of trying.

    what pma mean?
  • positive mental attitude

    welcome hope you are one of the lucky ones to get your BFP in the first month x
  • I've got me a cbfm for this month image so hopefully ill be able to catch ov!

    Good luck ladies, babydust to you all!!
  • Oh good luck with the cbfm let me know how it works out for you might have to invest in one myself
  • i have got ebay cheapie OPK image So i could test as frequent as I want. The brand is WOndfo I dont know how reliable they are but we will see this month ;p

    Have any of you ladies know anything about hormone tests ? A friend of mine told me that she tried for 3 months and then went to a Dr. and found that she had imbalnce hormone. The following month she got pregnant
  • hiya again, i want a CBFM too! but h2b wont let me get one, stingy git, he says theyre too much money! hopefully we all get lucky this month!!! xxxxx
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