BFP with love from Santa??

Hello, i have been lurking on here for a while but never post,
But today i have a very faint BFP on a FR!! YAY!!! - but still too scared to wander over to the pregnant board
Now i have two choices tell OH now and have him squint at the very faint line or wait till christmas and wrap up a PREGNANT CBD with a little babygro ....
How many others on here are planning on letting santa deliver your great news if it happens in time?
x x x


  • Can i just say maybe you would want to take a pic of the CBD. The problem is after around 4 hours the writing on a CBD disappears so if he sees a blank screen he may be none the wiser.

    Congrats on the BFP!!! x
  • Hi,

    My CBD lasted over 12 hours. I did it on Monday morning at about 7.30ish and it was still there on the evening at gone 10 p.m. - although it had gone this morning :\(

    I have taken a picture too tho!
  • Congrats and excellet idea xx
  • Congrats - Like the idea you are going to put it with a lillte baby grow, thats really sweet.
  • congrats hun!! CB's should last about 12 hours, any that I have done have, it's a lovely idea xx
  • Congrats hun thats a great idea all I had thought of was wrapping the stick up as I have not yet bought any baby things.

    H&H 9 months and Merry Xmas xx
  • Great idea, I think I would find waiting very hard but love the idea image xx
  • Congratulations chook, lovely idea! xxx
  • Hey sweet 1st congrats and second i have done 2 CDB and both lasted 24 hours!!!

    I think thats a geat idea love the little baby gro idea too so cute goot luck and ills ee you in preg and due in august soon x x

  • congrats hun.
    I have the same plan to wrap BFP with babygro(if i get BFP) already bought the babygro
    If you can wait that long it would be such a sweet way of telling him
  • Congratulations hun, wishing you a h&h 9 months! Great idea btw! You could always let him open that pressie on christmas eve?! x
  • congratulations, lovely way to tell
  • Thanks for the advice on the CBD, i just assumed that the writing would last as i'd heard people joking about keeping the test in the baby box of memories - so you've saved me a little bit of money there!!
    This will be our second, so i was going to wrap the babygro OH loving bought me for our first but i refused to put on our beautiful girly - it's a BLUE moto gp racing onesie
    I told our 4 year old this morning, so lets hope she keeps it a secret!!!!!
    Thank you for all the congratulations, i really appreciate it!!
    sending lots of BABYDUST to you all x x
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