On the edge...

Hi ladies, I am drastically losing will power. It's only been 8 days since I got a image on a CB OV test. Because I know I have preg tests in the cupboard (3!) I'm getting really itchy feet to test. I know it's going to be a BFN so not sure what all the rush is about really. Just suppose its because I really want to be PG again. Already have one baby, and I'm SS against what it was like last time in the 1WW - needless to say, I'm having none of the symptoms I had with no.1! (Note to self: It's too early, it's too early...!)

Hope you've all get better control. Send some my way if you have any spare please!

Lots of luck to you all, and many congrats if you have recently got ur BFP image xxx


  • im with u there hun lol, no control xx
  • Me too. Im 8DPO, not due AF for another 5 days, but have 1 FR and 2 sainsburys own brand and am dying to use one of them.....the earliest I want to test is the 9th as on the 10th (when af is due) im going to be in london doing a branch visit and i dont want to be distracted really. Either i test on the 9th or the 12th which will be a Saturday so I can relax on my own with DH so we can either digest having baby no. 2 on the way or for me to completely pig out on choc depressed that im not preggars!!!! lol xxx
  • Hi ladies...atleast you have had your image
    Iam on CD15 and still no image So I know how hard it is to have patience - Im loosing my patience already!!!
    I guess im off to buy another pack of OPK's!!!
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