Hi girls I am in our first month of ttc, no idea when I ov or wen af is due as I'm so irregular. Last af was 16th of jan. I'm now having nigglin pain on my left hand side like a stich anyone had this? I'm to scared to test and get a bfn. X


  • Hiya

    I am on first month of TTC, and I am not testing for OV and I dont know when AF is due either. I think I OV'd on CD18 due to the amount of CM and I had pain on my left side (could be ov pains). But then Friday night I had excrutiating pain on the left side, and I went to see out of hours DR at 2am Fri night/Sat morning. He didn't know what the pain was and the pg test was neg. So i dont know what the pain was/is??

    Prob too early to tell on a test, but like you I dont know when AF is due, so its hard to know when to test etc.

    IF the pain gets worse, see dr, but it could be a coming off pill thing if we've both had it? I am asking my Dr about all of these pains later today and i'll let you know what she says xx
  • im the same came off the pill 28th jan, so ive just worked out my AF de date on when i would of come on if still on the pill, and see what happens from there, im also havein funny niggly pulling pains, not unbarable just not what im used to, also my nipples are sore! so im guessing these are all symtoms of coming off the pill?
  • Hey stace

    Thanks for the reply, I haven't been on the pill for over a year. My pain is on my right hand side just under my ribs. I waited 8 weeks for my last af an went to the doctors but it turned up day after blood tests typical. If I don't get af within next week I have to go back for another blood test. Another symptom I'm havin is a very wet fellin below sorry tmi! Wish it was just simple lol. Good luck at the doctors. X
  • Could be ov pains? I get them but not sure I'd describe them as stitchlike though... They are one sided and quite low - kind of between hipbone and pelvis I guess, it's hard to describe when you're not having it!
    In my personal experience the pregnant tugging/pulling pains tend to be in the middle but that might just be me.
    Good luck ladies image
  • Hiya - I had my implant out 6th Feb, and I get these pains too! They don't hurt. I'm just aware of them if that makes sense! No idea when AF is due either! Was in middle of last one when I had implant out and finished a couple of days later! Good luck all image xxx
  • When I first started ttc, I got a pack of 20 ov tests.
    It showed my when I ov'd I also made notes of how I felt, around the time of ov I need the loo loads n get pains like light af pains.
    I never got ewcm but alot of creamy cm after.

    It's now a year later and I'm getting ewcm around the time but using the opks showed me when it was, which is day 18 for me.

    Hope that helped and that ur lucky and get ur bfp this month!
  • Hi sounds like OV pain to me. I usually get a similar pain to the one you describe.
  • Sounds like ov pain, I get the same.
  • i would guess at OV pain 2. I have OV pain and sometines takes the wind outa me x

    Good luck xx
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