i've quit smoking, i'm full of cold, but i'm still positive

evening ladies, happy new year to you all, know i'm 3 days late but i've been working lots

well i'm back on this ttc big time. i quit smoking 2 days ago, all going well (if u don't count the anger outbursts i have every 2 minutes), i'm completely full of cold... which i'm presuming is a side effect of quitting and with it being minus 2 outside. but i'm feeling 2010 is my year to conceive!!!!

been ttc for over a year now on and off, but now me n my oh are so putting everything into it, well he tried to quit smoking but only lasted 17 hours, but don't worry ladies, i'm givin him the guilt trip and lettin him know that he's lettin the side down!!!

i'm on cd 13, we bd on cd11 and today, and we plan to bd for next week or longer. plus i'm sitting with legs up afterwards to give those little fellas an extra push in the right direction.

i'm trying not to think about ttc every minute of the day and stress too much about it all as i've been told so many times that can effect me conceiving.

but still i'm very excited and hoping we're doing everything right now. i feel i may be ov soonish as i always get sore boobs n cramps wen i ov, n they are here now so fingers crossed. i'm not gonna get hopes up too much tho, as i've had enough bfn's to last me a life time, i'm ok to jus let it happen wen it happens now.

anyway good luck for 2010 everyone n babydust to you all

love han xxxx


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