too much sex?

This may sound like a strange question but when you know you are in you 'fertile period' can you have too much sex? Is sex everyday too much? does it weaken sperm?


  • hiya
    i have read that sex every other day is the best because it gives the sperm chance to regenerate but there is so much info online it is difficult to know what to believe sometimes!
  • mrsallen - i have read the same that sex every other day is best, but i think it depends on how u feel about it, good luck xx
  • we try every other day....its up to you really
  • I was doing some reading up on this subject this very morning, as I have got myself all confused by the contradictory things I keep hearing!

    I found a few research papers online basically supporting what littlewolf said above. An interesting one is at:

    Key quotes from this one on the subject are:

    "The probability of conception was highest (37%) for women who had intercourse daily. It dropped to 33% among those who had intercourse every other day and to 15% among those who did so once a week".


    " The researchers observed that other studies have suggested that frequent intercourse may decrease the fertilizing capacity of sperm..... Their not support the hypothesis that frequent ejaculation decreases sperm potency".

    This is just one study I know, but the findings are interesting reading. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has read anything similar that found differently though as it's a really interesting subject. xx
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