Am i silly

Hey Ladies just me again lmao

Well i went shopping to for some clothes and i managed to stumble into maternity where i saw this really cute blue shirt that said "Hand off the bump", and i brought it. image

Is that silly?


  • Aww that is cute - not silly at all.
    I have bought a bib already . . .that says I love my daddy hehe (to give to hubby when we finally get that BFP.)
  • aww no it's not silly!, I have a personalised vest and bib bought too image x
  • lol you should see all the baby stuff we have brought! there was a sle a couple of months ago in all baby things, i think we spent about $500 aussie dollars Had alot of friends having babies so has been good for presents... The shirt has little hands on it too SOOO cute. cant wait to wear it!
  • Aw thats really sweet hun, not silly at all you gotta keep up the pma and you will get that BFP.

    I am thinking about buying a few things, I have held back until now but we are trying and I dont believe in superstition to be honest so if I see things that are bargains I might just buy them!

    My friend is 11wks preg and when she found out she bought a lil pair of booties and put a test in each and hung them up in the bathroom for her hubby to find. She said he didnt believe her when he saw them how cute I will have to think of something to do too when we get our BFP.

  • We had 2 little rompers made up from a site of the net. Saying 'Property Of Mr and Mrs Smith' with little guns crossing over on it (like the movie, its our last name) to give to my mum and sister when we find out...
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