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OT: Has to be done - Best pressie and most 'interesting' pressie!

Hi all, just a bit of fun! Didn't want to say best and worst, so you can interpret 'interesting' any way you like.

Best pressie = bottle of my favourite perfume

Most 'interesting' = actually quite cool, a kangeroo leather keyring




  • Good thread,

    Best pressie, three bright photo frames i'd been coveting for ages to brighten up my dining room

    Most interesting pressie, tacky scented hangers from the mother in law!! Funnier still was hubby got matching ones for himself, should have seen his face!

  • lol, wispa!

    Best pressie, OH collected together a load of our memories and got them bound in a book.

    Most 'interesting' pressie, the Pacman hoodie in X-Large, which was actually supposed to be a little black cardigan! Good ol' internet purchases!
  • Best pressie- African Pygmy Hedgehog!! Followed by a spa package day can't wait for that- full body massage, facial, lunch and unlimited sauna, jacuzzi, steam room etc etc!!

    Most interesting- a packet of multi purpose wipes - for cleaning the hedgehog poo up!!

  • best pressie, i know its only something silly but my hubs put a bell in my stocking that says 'ring for a hug', im always saying to him, give me a hug, so i loved it

    most interesting, a dress from the bil and sil, hiddeous pink thing, very short with studs on the shoulders with puffy, yet droopy sleeves??? i dont know what possessed them? what happened to a good old gift voucher!!
  • Best has got to be either beauty and beast on DVD from the hub, or a new purse.

    Most 'interesting' was definately a car warning triangle, ie the one you need if u break down! Very random!

  • This is a funny thread! I think my best pressie was tickets for me and my hubby to go to see GLEE LIVE! at the O2 in london in june. Most interesting would be a pack of 6little fish shaped candles that look like they have faded in the sun and are brown! From sister in law. I give up! Lol! X w
  • Lol i agree this is funny!

    Best - tickets to see dirty dancing in London in January.

    Worst - from the mother in law, 2 purple nasty lookin mugs (sure she does it on purpose as out kitchen is all red black and white) well that was prob the worst give out of several crap things we recieved! X
  • Tee hee! This is great girls keep it coming!

    Churpychicken - omg am soo jealous, they are incredibly cute!


  • best: a very much needed coffee machine

    worst: curling tongs for my already very very curly hair!

    you have got to love it!
  • Maximo, You're going to love dirty dancing on the stage!! I went a couple of years ago and it was truly fantastic! X
  • Agreed - Dirty Dancing on stage is great!

    My best was probably the Michael Jackson dance game - I love it! Plus a satnav. Plus lots of other good things actually!

    Didn't actually get anything that bad this year either - there were a couple I wouldn't have picked for myself, but they're still not awful. Always a plus! xx
  • Best Pressie: Necklace from Mum - silver with amber stone (stunning!) Love it.

    Most interesting: I'm interpretting this as worst present recieved from what the other posters wrote. How I Met Your Mother DVD boxset & this would not have been a bad gift had my husband not already bought this for my birthday 6wks ago and FORGOT! so got me the same again!
  • Best was an ipod touch from oh

    most intresting was a dream catcher off my friend.
  • best - gorgeous white gold and diamond bracelet from oh.

    Worst - loads of different kinds of shampoos, now i wash my hair every day,

    so i dont think they were bought because they think i need to wash my hair!! Lol but i could just go out and buy these myself. Never get this type of present at all!!! Lol!!!

    Oh worst has to be smellies, he hates getting smellies for christmas!! Lol
  • my best pressie (well best 2) was a chamilia bracelet with a cross charm on it and also a diamond heart necklace from my lovely husband ..

    The most interesting was a lilac and white knitted dolly toilet roll cover with additional toilet roll!
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