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CBFM - Can someone remind me...

...what day you start testing on? Think I will get one next cycle (due next Thurs) but can I wait till then or do I need to get it now?

Stupidly sold my last one after getting my BFP with my DD :roll:


  • you start from cd6 if you have normal cycles hun,if not you trick it xxxx
  • Thanks chick! xxx
  • Yeah you start from CD06 and its such a long wait when your at CD01 coz your dieing to use it. I bought mine and only managed to use it once just to practice with then i put it away, i fell pg without it, kinda annoyed but its nice to know it all happened on its own. Dunno whether to sell it or keep it for baby no2.

    What are your cycles like? its really exciting once you start using it and good luck!

    MPP + Pip (9+1)


  • Thanks Mrs P. As it happens, with my DD I used it for 3 cycles and then went on hols and left it at home and that's the cycle I got my BFP so not actually sure whether it worked or not!

    My cycles were always 28 days until the last couple - last month really caught me out and I was FOUR days early so not really sure what's going on in there at the moment! x
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