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Can anyone help me understand my ovu calendar?

Hi All

I suffered a MC with my first pregnancy at wk6 (got preg first time trying despite PCOs) in October and had my first AF on 8th Dec although hubby and I started trying again before AF. My ovu calendar says I am on CD23 with my day of Ov coming tomorrow 30th Dec. HOWEVER, it also shows this whole week as being a fertile week so we have been trying a few times this week. Should we try tonight or wait until Friday morning when I've heard sperm is stronger?

HOWEVER, I have sore boobs and bloating plus some thick CM last week and had a few headaches - which I know can be a sign of Ovulation but I never had that before my MC so I am wondering if I am already pregnant.

My next AF is due on 15th Jan which is the day my hubby goes away fora week so it would be lovely if my AF was late and I was able to show him a BFP on his return.

Am I just holding out false hope and have I just got too fat over Xmas and indulged too much?!


  • OMG I feel so stupid. I just checked the settings on my ovulation app and it was set to a cycle of 38 days instead of 28. So I shouldn't be ovulating now after all. I have been tracking our BD dates though at it seems we did try the day before OV so maybe my current sore breasts/bloating is a good sign after all?

    Date AF is 5th Jan so not too long to wait

  • oh dear - oops!

    Everything is crossed for you, you never know!!

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