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Im confused??????????????????

I am now on CD37...... I got my smiley face on CD21 so was expecting AF on CD36. Yesterday morning I went to the loo and upon checking cervix I had some pink cm..... nothing on the tissue or in my knickers, just inside, so I thought that AF was on her way as expected............. but I then had nothing again all day, back to normal cm.

Today I have had much the same, a bit more pink/red cm, but no where near a flow as I normally have, infact I have not worne a pad or anything and still have nothing in my knickers, the red is only when I check inside?????????

There is no way I can say this is AF as there is hardly anything at all, nothing coming out, just some slight cm inside????????

I havent tested yet, too scared as this is first cycle after 2nd mmc in a row so dont want to see a BFN, but also dont want to get my hopes up that this is implantation???????

I am getting pains in my right side, not af cramps, but pains, and I noticed blue veins on my boobs today........ what do you think????????



  • 3054 ohhhh u no what im gonna say dont ya!>..

    tesssttttttttt lol...but yeah wait till tomo and see if anything else shows...but it all sounds good to me!!! image

    i really hope its ur BFP because u really deserve a sticky bean xxx fc 4 u x
  • I second booey - you need to test girl! Hope it's a New Year BFP for you xxxx
  • the veins on my boobs were the first thing I noticed when I got my BFP with my DS x good luck testing tomorrow x
  • the veins on my boobs were the first thing I noticed when I got my BFP with my DS x good luck testing tomorrow x
  • looking forward to your news tomorrow. got a good feeling, Lady! image
  • sounds positive hun - blue veins were a tell tale sign for me too in previous pgs. Good luck xx
  • Goodluck for the morning 3054, I'll be doing the same, so fingers crossed for us!

    I've not got any extra veins on the (.)(.) but they do feel like they're bruised which is new to me, normally I get sore nipples before AF. X
  • Well ladies it's champagne for me tonight..... Af arrived this morning full flow!!!!!! Gutted..... But glad I had a normal cycle straight after mc! So cd1 today and dusting off the cbfm...... Let's try again image
  • Bfn for me this morning 3054 so i'll be joining u in the next cycle not doubt. AF hasnt arrived yet but I'm expecting her to arrive at the most awkward time as usual. Think i may invest in a cbfm his month too x
  • Enjoy the champers tonight, you deserve it.

    We should all toast at midnight to a bfp in 2011! x
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