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SO month 1 of TTC number 2 for us and all going well BD'd every few days all month as weren't using OV sticks, think I OV'd CD 16 of usual 30 day cycle. so CD 27 comes along some brown CM, then CD 28 some red enough to need a pad but not loads and nothing like usual AF, and it has not stopped at CD 29 and back to pink CM, do I count this as AF? am so confused about what my cycle is doing x

help ? x

Kelly x


  • Have you read my post at the top.... It's identical to yours..... Have you tested? I expected af yesterday and had some pink cm only when I checked, not in knickers or on paper..... Thought af was coming but nothing else all day, same again to day, bit more pink/red cm but only inside again, nothing in knickers all day with no pad?????? What is going on???? Never have this always just straight into af full flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to test tomorrow. Do you have any symptoms?
  • Nope no other symptoms lovely, just really confused to be honest x I tested 2 days ago and BFN havent tested yet but am really tempted to test tomorrow morning but just don't know if I am fooling myself, becuase I was bleeding for a day, light to medium flow x hmmm why is it soooo confusingx

    You testing tomorrow?

    the thing that is more confusing is that when I was pregnant with DS I had spotting and bleeding around AF time for first 4 months x
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