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ov predictor tests


i got some of those ovulation predictor tests online, where you dip them in your wee.

anyway been doing what they suggest, testing later in the day (I usually make it until about 2pm before caving in :lol: ), dipping it in for 10 secs etc. I'm now on CD15, and have been testing since CD8 (usually have short cycles of about 26 days)

I got a faint line, but definitely a line, on CD13, which would seem the right time, but according to their instructions it wasn't dark enough to be a positive result. But have had absolutely nothing (apart from the control line) on them other than that.

did I ov?? anyone else had this??


  • Me! the internet cheapies and me dont get along, I never get a dark line on ov strips that is as dark yet get a smiley ov face on CB......doesnt make sense
  • hmm, might have to try the CB ones next!


  • Oh and similarly when I got preggers with DS1 internet cheapies didnt give me BFP until 16DPO when I got a BFP with FR at 8DPO...
  • im using cb ones for the first time this month and no smiley face yet for me and im on cd 20 image i was thinking i didnt ovulate.
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