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Not sure what to do. Please help

Hi ladies

I have been TTC for 8months with no 2. My cycles are around every 29 - 32 days. Think I ovulated on thurs 13th Jan, I am on cd 31. I had really bad Af pains on tues and some yesterday morning but nothing since. Know this sounds daft but I am scared to Poas as I want it to be positive so badly I don't want the almighty disappointment if it's not. I don't feel like period is coming but I am so confused by it all. Shall I wait until weds and test I would be cd35 then?? Please help x x


  • aww i know its tough hun, especially when u want it so bad, i have the opp problem i test to much lol its better to not have that problem haha, but the only way ur gonna no is to test,at least u will stop wondering then, it may be too early, but it might not be , hope ur BFP turns up,xx

    good luck chick! fingers crosed for you! xx
  • Oh I have no control, like Boooey I'd be peeing on any stick I could lay my hands on! image
  • I'm the complete opposite. I stopped testing after about a year of ttc as I couldn't bear the days of waiting for my af after getting a BFN. My attitude is that if I'm pregnant I'll still be pregnant on day 35 or day 40 or whatever & if I'm not then I'll at least then the emotional pain & physical discomfort will all come at once when my af arrives. So I would wait to test but I guess it's about doing whatever you feel most comfortable with. Maybe plan to wait til Wednesday but have a test ready if you can't bear to wait. x
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