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all too much.

Well after 3 bfn's and a 65 day cycle af has finally reared her ugly head. I'm off to the docs next week to talk about clomid and hoping that as i have pcos they'll agree not to make me wait. anyway i'm so depressed by all the bfn's and my stupid body clearly not working properly that me and hubby have decided its best for me to steer clear of all things baby related so no more watching 1 born every minute or visiting BE at every opportunity. thanks for all the advice and support you've all given over the last year and babydust to you all.



  • I completely understand your decision. Sometimes youve got to avoid triggers and try and let go to stop yourself turning into a crazy lady!

    Hope you and DH continue to be happy together and that he carries on looking after you so well. Best of luck in your venture. Just because you're not here, doesn't mean we're not all thinking of you and wishing you well.

    Take care xx
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