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Introducing myself- again ;(

Hi ladies.

Im now officially back on ttc. I have a 3 year old little man(well 3 in a fortnight)and i lost my daughter at 15 and a half weeks pregnant, in oct. She had turners syndrome and was too poorly to make it. it took me almost a year to concieve my son and a year to concieve my daughter. I have every irregular cycles ranging from 23 to 40+ today is day 40 and still no sign of af. I dont ovulate regularly and have not ovualted since I end of nov.

Im off to try out reflexology to see if it helps me to concieve more naturally. I have heard it can help regulate your cycle. Im also having test done with gp to rule out pcos and other infertility problems.

Just thought I would say hi as i have always found these forums to be so supportive and cant beluieve I am bac here after being so thrilled in July last year when i got pregnant. :cry:

Anyway look forward to getting to know you all



  • Hi Jellybaby

    Really sorry to hear about your daughter :cry:

    Good luck with ttc again, I hope the doctor / reflexologist can help you out with your cycles.

    We're ttc number 2, on month 3 just now. About 10 days till testing.....

    MummyAJ xxx
  • hey! well good luck ttc number 2. We hada great first session with reflexologist. Without being told that was what she was working on i could feel my ovary on one side!so fingers crossed it will help! xxxx
  • hope you get your bfp really soon, if you need some buddies come and join us in kwa, new faces are always nice xx
  • So sorry to hear yr news. Wishing u lots of luck with ttc again. X
  • That must have been bizarre feeling your ovary! I remember having reflexology when I was overdue with my first, it didn't make me go into labour but I was getting major braxton-hicks while she was working the uterus bit!! (without me knowing that was the bit she was at, up around my heels and ankles somewhere if I remember rightly!)
  • Yes ankle was when I felt ovary but I too did not know that's what she was doing. Still no af, now on day 42. Didn't ovulate according to tests but tried a pg test last week just to be sure. Was negative, not sure what to think now as cycles are irregular but never this long! :?
  • hmm. still too early??!

    according to the OPK tests I didn't ovulate at all in the last 3 months :evil: don't really know whether or not to believe them, but I'm not pg yet.....
  • Hi Jellybabyuk5

    Gosh im so sorry :cry:

    Good luck with ttc and fingers crossed your cycles settle down. x x

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