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Got my 1st midwife appt book =D

I'm sooo excited me and my partner have just got back from our doctor appt and she has said I'm 5weeks and 2days and she's also set up my first midwife appointment and she's going to get me an early scan aswell image.

She's also said that my pains are nothing to worry about as they come and go there not constant so even happier.

OH has decided that he wants to start telling our close friends and family now aswell, I think it's finally sunk in that we are having a baby after such a long wait (20 months)

Although he is still very wary as he said he doesnt want us to lose it but if we do I'll have other people I can talk to about it if we were to have an MC. Im being positive and not thinking about that though.



  • Ah that's great Steph!

    I've been worrying about every little twinge too so good to hear it's totally normal image

    Brilliant you're getting an early scan to reassure you- I am counting down the next 7 weeks!

  • Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! I am so so happy for you image

    this is great news!!, fingers crossed i get the same, you take care and congratulations x x x
  • Thanks fifi and alexer.

    Im counting down untill the 27th to see my midwife so exciting image

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