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I found out I was pregnant on christmas eve last year. It was amazing. Then in the middle of january, I started spotting and then more heavily a couple of weeks later but this was on and off. Spoke to the doctor and they said not to worry but if I was miscarrying, there was nothing I could do. When I went for a scan at the early pregnancy clinic they couldn't see the baby clearly and the size of the foetus didn't match my dates. I had to go back almost two weeks later and this time they said they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat and would have to have an erpc as I wasn't miscarrying. It was heartbreaking but weird also as on the morning of the second scan I woke up and knew I was no longer pregnant. But I saw the foetus on the scan before the nurse said anything and so began to hope! But it wasn't meant to be.

The erpc was on Feb 16th and all was fine and the staff at the hospital were so lovely. However my first period afterwards was very strange. Very dark brown and irregular. I also had really painful cramps in my stomach, so much so that I fainted from the pain. Went to a&e and they thought I had a post op infection.

Think everything is okay now but it feels like I am obsessed with getting pregnant again. We decided to start trying again three weeks ago. Every ache and twinge I am reading something into it. Taking pregnancy tests almost every week and getting depressed when they are negative. I don't know if this is normal. People keep saying that I should relax and it will happen but keep getting very down and depressed. Please help?


  • oh you poor thing. i think everything you are feeling is normal. i have never been full on obsessed about conceiving, having been very lucky to conceive my daughter on our first attempt and then falling pregnant straight away the second time around although sadly it ended in miscarriage. but now we are trying again, i can feel myself getting a bit obsessed.

    i am really sorry for your loss. we lost our baby about 6 weeks ago and am really up and down. please don't worry too much about how you are feeling as i think it is normal given your circumstances and i think the whole 'relax' thing is just irrelevant given where you are at.

    lots of love and luck to you.

  • sending u huge hugs and u are so not alone hun, theres plenty of us mad heads about that are just as obsesses hunnie. i lost my little bean 3 n hlaf wks ago and have already done a test, bfn with the hope of just in case we were lucky enough for it to happen again straight away.

    our bfp didnt happen over night it took 15months and its horrendous to have it taken away.

    thinking of u and ure family x x x
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