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Ovulation test strips anyone??


Ive just bought some sensitive ones from ebay. I stopped the pill on the 12th April and on the 15th my withdrawl bleed followed. I have no idea when I will ovulate but according to charts it should be tomorrow. Ive just tested and its negative : ( I know my periods could be all over the place after the pill (wish id known that earlier!)

Has anyone any experience with these tests? Don;t know if to just have sex anyway but to be honest could do with a day off ha ha!! x


  • Hi Mrs M, I have had 3 different sensitivity ovulation tests and hate to say never got a positive on any of them. I used all 3 from day 10 onwards. But I'm sure I ov'd as got a bfp first month ttc with my DD and last pg which unfortunately ended in a mc.

    Really hope you get tests to work for you. I am going to try a different brand to see if it helps me out ttc next time. But have a feeling its something to do with my hormone levels.

    All best for ttc. Lots of sticky baby dust coming to you.

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