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how soon after conception can you have symptoms?

Hello, wonder if anyone can help. I finished my first lot of clomid on Monday 30th may and should have ov'd anytime last week (form Thurs 2nd - now) and over the weekend just gone I have had some breast tenderness, not all the time and just wondered if it could be asign Im pregnant or is it too soon. I know Im prob clutching at straws and can't test yet cos it will be too soon! Why do we read too much into every twinge ha ha


  • Ah, the dreaded symptom spotting. It varies from person to person with some people getting their symptoms fairly early on and having implantation early, others will have a later implantation and show symptoms later and some of us will have no symptoms whatsoever. The annoying thing is that so many of the symptoms will match your AF symptoms you'll always have that nagging doubt at the back of your mind. Leave it as close as possible to AF due date before testing, ideally let it pass, or be prepared to spend a small fortune on lots of repeated tests. Best wishes and good luck in getting BFP soon.
  • Thank you! Yes Im going to try and put it out of mind until Im actually due

    . Good luck with your pregnancy. xx
  • Hi Poppy

    how are you getting on? At my last pg, I think I had symptoms from 5 wks, but they are so similar to non pg symptoms I think.

  • With last pregnancy mine started at 10 dpo with sore bbs x
  • hello. no news really still feel like going to start, but no sign, but its only 28 days til last one so too early to tell Ill keep you posted! x
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