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help with dates please

Hi hope everyones ok im posting this in pregnancy and ttc has im not sure which one to post in,Ive used this site in my last 2 pregnancies and now im expecting a 3rd and this site has never let me down so here goes my story/question sorry its gonna be long.

Ok so the 1st day of my last period was 1/05/2011 i dont have regulaer cycles due to have pcos.

I found out on the 12/06/2011 i was pregnant by using a clearblue digi test which read pregnant 1-2 weeks.

On the 17/06/2011 i took another digi test which read 2-3 weeks pregnant.

Yesterday 24/06/2011 i done another digi text which read 3+ weeks,But yesterday i also saw the gp who said i was 7-8 weeks pregnant which then i tryed explaining to him that that could not be possible had my partner had a been away for 6 weeks prior and the 1st time we slept together when he came home was on the 14/05/2011 which he said they dont go by the day i had intercourse but from the 1st day of last period dont know if you can understand where im coming from i just dont understand how he can date me at 7-8 weeks when i only had sex 6 weeks ago im very confused :? :?


  • he's assuming ovulation was 6 weeks ago when you got pregnant and has added on 2 weeks to take you back to day 1 of your cycle 8 weeks ago was 1st may so he is just going by the dates you gave him as day 1. You may be less pregnant than that but you'll have to wait until your scan to find out... he hasn't taken into account that your periods are irregular due to pcos just gone on the average cycle
  • Congrats! Just don't get worried when you have your 12 week scan at what the doctors say is about 12 weeks, and baby measures a few weeks behind; that'll be because, as you say, you can't possibly have been pregnant before your oh was home and aren't actually 8 weeks already! I think taking the date of your last period as week one is just the easiest way for drs to work out dates, but let's face it - who on earth has totally regular 28 periods and always ovulates on day 14?!
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