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be happy if this helps even 1 person

hi girls, unfortunalty im not joining you (yet,lol) but i wanted to share some hope!

2 of my very close and best friends both had problems ttc. 1 was referred to fertility specailist and tried 10 rounds of clomid without success, the other unfortunatly didnt meet the criteria. both are now pregnant after over 2 years ttc with the thanks going to AC!

the first to fall pregnant, did so after 2 cycles on AC and the 2nd fell pregnant after 3 cycles.

as some of you know it is a herbal remidy. im not sussgesting you all rush out and get it and its a magic potion but i wanted to see if anyone here had tried it. my best friend said she suffered side effects like hot flushes, tender boobs ect but it regulated her cycle and from ov only a couple of times a year she ov in both the last 2 cycles comfirmed by opks.

i dont know much bout this pill but woanted to share some success with it from close friends xx
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