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PCOS Advice??

Hi ladies,

I hope you can help. Two years ago I had an internal scan as I kept getting pain in my side. Everything was fine apart from when I got the results the doctor said I could have/it looks like I have PCOS. At the time I was worried but put it to the back of my mind as babies were not on our plans then.

Fast forward two years and suddenly babies and being pregant is all my hubby and I can think about.

I came off my pill (Cerazette) after being on it for about 6 years at the end of May and it took 5 weeks (29th June) to have my first monthly (at least I think it was. I didnt have a withdrawl bleed and it lasted 5 days).

I am now due on again around now but as of yet I havent had anything or any signs like cramps apart from really sore boobies and underarms.

I have a blood test on Monday to test for the PCOS but my question is if I do have PCOS would I still get sore boobies etc around that time of the month or would I not get anything??

Also sorry if this is to much info but I keep feeling very 'moist' down below. Is this normal??

I know I shouldnt but I am getting kind of worried about it now xx


  • I'm not entirely sure but a friend of mine has PCOS and she would have got the usual at symptoms cramps, sore boobs. Sorry I know this isn't much help xx
  • I have PCOS - I get all the normal cramps, soreness etc. If anything - it lasts longer because my body is really slow with it.

    It might just be worth doing a HPT to check what the baby dust is up to?
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