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A little bit of hope for you all....

Well ladies, firstly i must apologise for not being around over the past few weeks. i have been taking a break from TTC and with that taking a break from BE.

Now, a little bit of background (well i have been away for some time :lolimage... me and DH have been TTC for 16 months now and for the first 14 months of that i had the most irratic cycles varying from 52-94 days!! finally the last two months things have settled down with being below 30 days (a BIG WOW for me!). i had tried everything including reflexology and nothing seemed to be working so i started taking Agnus Castus, EPO and Vit B6 over the past couple of months which is what i think helped regulate the cycles.

so as a complete suprise and i am sure you all know what is about to come next.... to my delight we have finally got our much wanted BFP! image

Last year i waited and waited with hope i would get that Christmas BFP and it looks like i finally have it, albeit 1 year later! i had been getting VERY faint lines since saturday/sunday on IC and then yesterday on a FR the line started to get stronger so this morning i tested again with FR and the line was even darker so i braved it for a CBD and that magic word appeared..... PREGNANT!!!

As you can tell i am over the moon and have spoken wth the midwife today and my first appointment booked in.

FC my lovely little bean stick firmly!

So for any of you loosing that bit of PMA, please keep hope and when you think that it will never be your turn, it may just be. Sprinkling lots and lots of babydust to you all xxx


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