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Cbfm after chemical pregnancy

Hi girls

Just to give some back ground. I found out I was pregnant on the 29th august, I quickly lost all symptoms and on the 6th September I did a test and got not pregnant, I then started to bleed two days later on the 8th September. I set my monitor as day 1, on day 6 it asked me to start testing and got lows until day 11 where it went to high . I'm pretty sure I ov on day 12 , but didn't get a peak on cbfm ( this is my first mont of using it) however I am now on cycle day 21 and it's still saying high and asking me to poas.

When I used the monitor to get pregnant 2 years ago with my dd it read my cycles correct t from day 1 of using, I'm just so confused, I no I've got no pregnancy hormone in me, I was only 4 days late for my period when I started to bleed.

Has anyone else had this, it's driving me mad!!!


  • Hi hun, I'm very sorry to read about your mc.

    I was a little bit different to you, in that after my early mc (6/7 weeks) i didn't ov for a couple of cycles, but i found that out from a mixture of not getting peaks on the cbfm and temping. i know that a mc at any stage can play with your cycles, so maybe your body is still recovering?

    Hopefully your cycles will get back to normal quickly for you, and you can get your super sticky bfp soon.

    Good luck and take care xxxx.
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