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Pre-conception Care?

Hello! I am completely new here and this is probably going to be one of many posts! I just wondered if anybody could give any useful advice as to what I should be doing to get myself in the best possible health for pregnancy? I have read that it is recommended to start taking folic acid 3 months prior to TTC. I was looking at perhaps taking pregnacare as this has all sorts of vitamins etc. but not sure if it is worth it? I'm thinking mainly along the lines of diet, what I should/shouldn't eat. Also, if you get pregnant before taking folic acid for 3 months, could this mean increased risk to the baby?


  • Hi,

    Im getting prepped to ttc again and ive read your diet should be what your diet would be when pregnant. im cutting down on red meat as you just dont realise how much you eat...healthy food in - rubbish out!! im also taking pregnacare conception for me and my hubby is taking zinc and we both have extra vitamin c as we are quite poorly this time of year. Plenty of fruit and veg too.

    Im going to eat more vegs and try a couple of vegetarian days per week as trying to lose weight before we actually fall pregnant.

    Good luck xx
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